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    A new edition of WPB Magazine is available now. See what’s new in this summer edition and start reading it now.

    Cover of Summer Edition 2016

    Interesting readings for you in this edition:
    • Check on the latest news about Downtown WPB and districts of the city.
      • Updates about arts & entertainment.
      • Events, music concerts.
      • Contests.
      • Feature pet of the edition
      • In the spotlight: “Spred the Dub”
    • Top tips for looking amazing.
      • Ways to improve flexibility.
      • The link between yoga and chronic pain.
    • Jardin: “New restaurant in Downtown WPB”.
      • The perfect summertime Refreshers.
      • Foods that deliver.
      • Food from Florida.
    • The Bristol Palm Beach: “A new era of Palm Beach living has arrived”
      • A handy un-tourist guide for those moving to Palm Beach County.
    • Travel Suggestion: Florence
    • Tips & Ideas
    Feature stories in this edition:
    1. Crisscrossing the path to the future of West Palm Beach.
    2. Dive into summer with Swimwear 2016!
    3. Everglades National Park: unparalleled nature!
    4. The Historical Society of Palm Beach County, where the past comes alive.
    5. Nash Jewelry: “Over a century of rock solid history”.

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