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April 4, 2019
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Summer Edition 2019


Explore WPB Magazine summer 2019 edition and keep up to date with everything West Palm Beach.

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(Digital Edition) Release date: July 4
(Print Edition) Release date: July 7
Good through September 30, 2019
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What’s new in this edition?

Enjoy exclusive interesting stories about art, entertainment, dining, health & beauty, culture, local people, and other topics about West Palm Beach.

  • Feature Story: Craig McInnis, a multi-faceted artist who specializes on Illustration, Canvas Art, Murals, Graphic Design, Concept Art, Character Design, Cartooning, Event Production, and more.
  • Beauty/Fashion: Great Skin: From the Inside Out.
  • The Arts: Art Talk: Artist Sharon Koskoff.
  • The Spotlight: Citizen Badger: Keeping the Dad Rock Beat Going.
  • Interview Sue Ellen Beryl: The Woman Behind the Curtain.
  • Dining/Food: Rolando Anoceto Takes City Cellar to Exciting Heights.
  • Reading Out Loud: Esperanza Awards: Hispanic Women Making a Difference.

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Get the new edition of WPB Magazine — the summer edition 2019. Explore and discover the best of everything West Palm Beach through good readings & photos.