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Latest news and updates about West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County
Art news, exhibitions, events, shows, and artists's profiles
The future of CityPlace
Northwood Village, evolving and transforming neighborhood.
Stories behind the South Florida Fair
Interview with Chef Maria Abbenante
Discover Cuba, Part V - Exploring the restaurants and dining scene in Havana
Lifestyle: stories about Dining, Travel, Wealth Management, Moments in Photos, and the Winner of our 'Pet of the Edition' contest.

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Clematis Street News Stand is the most convenient retail location to buy hardcopies of the magazine. There are always copies available in this location.
The magazine is also available at other retail stores around downtown West Palm Beach and other districts of the city, now through December 31, 2017.

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Clematis Street News Stand

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You can find previous editions of WPB Magazine available now to read online for FREE. Some hardcopies might still be available to purchase.

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